Jesus Lives girls Home was initiated with 4 girls in the Year 1990 by Prof.S.Rajendram, In order to serve their urgent desperation, during the civil war in Sri Lanka. His compassionate heart paved the way for this sudden beginning and never had any organized infrastructure neither a mode of plan for funding.The only motive was to protect those disturbed buds from that Chaotic condition.A old house was volunteered by Prof. S. Rajendran who found that many more were flowing In for shelter which Increased the number up to 40. The basic needs were met for these girls with the local fund of the church
in Colombo in facilitating them with Education, food, Clothing and shelter. A warden cooks and tutors were arranged accordingly and the service volunteered, demanded more than his Capacity. Unavoidably the need for expanding the infrastructure was at hand! But the means to facilitate the funds were Seldom.This prolonged the progress of construction of a new building. At this juncture Prof. S. Rajendran went to be with lord in 2003 after his untiring service to god and community in leaving these aspired responsibilities on the shoulder of Sis. Magret Rajendram.