The History of Jesus Lives Ministry.

The Ministry of Jesus Lives was founded by God Almighty by choosing Prof. Bro. S. Rajendram as its Head & President in the Year 1978 on the 13th of March.In the year of 1978 Prof. Bro. S. Rajendram was a highly leading business man in Colombo. As the days passed by he was afflicted with numerous amount of sicknesses where the doctors lost hope during the process of his treatment. Because of his illness his progress in business started diminishing day by day. At this time of turmoil he went to attend a miracle crusade on the 13th of March 1978 held at Ramakrishna Hall situated in Colombo -06 which was conducted by Dr. Maschbach who had come from Holland.This was a marvelous experience in which Bro. Rajendram was healed from all his sicknesses, and all his personal problems too were solved due to the miracle work of God. On this precious day Brother Rajendram decided to share this wonderful experience which he had received, among the rest of the world and to save them from the same turmoil and problems, from which he had undergone earlier. Therefore the first Prayer Meeting was held at his residence at Grandpass Road with 4 members, and the first crusade was held at K.C.Y.M.A Hall on the 16th of September 1978.

Many souls were Healed from uncurable sicknesses and Wonders occured during this crusade, during this journey with the almighty god he received many gifts from God such as gift of Healing, Prophesizing, Preaching and many more. Due to the above reasons the growth of the Ministry increased day by day and more and more people started coming to the healing meetings and received everything they were longing for. Steadily the people who came to know about this Ministry started attending the regular services which were conducted on a full-scale basis at his residence. As the members joining this Ministry increased, the need for a bigger place was very essential. Therefore in 1986 the premises at 401, Aluthmawatha Road was purchased and a large house was built on a smaller scale as per according to the financial level of the Ministry. Now it is a 5 storied building where there is a gathering of more than 4000 people who are worshipping and praying to God everyday in a regular basis. It is by His Pure Grace and Mercy that God had lifted this Ministry in an excellent manner to preach the Gospel to the World.

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History of Minstry

Jesus Lives was founded by God Almighty by choosing Prof. Bro. S. Rajendram See More

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Are held at the Church At 4.30 P.M. This is held for the deliverance of those who are suffering See More

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He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live. See More

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Beloved in Christ, Greetings to you in Jesus name; we wish to bring to your kind i See More

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